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You can log into your SafeCam account from your cell phone, laptop or desk top computer to access and share your videos.
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When it comes to running trails, knowledge and familiarity begets confidence, and confidence opens the door to an exciting world of adventure.  The SafeCam makes it possible for your friends and family to know exactaly where you are at all times and should there be a situation where you feel the need to share the SafeCam allows you to share live video and audio with...

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     Just because the boomers are now retiring from the workplace in droves doesn't mean they're easing into a rocking-chair lifestyle, The SafeCam is the perfect companion for all seniors to ensure they have an extra layer of personal security if needed....

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        The #1 priority for moms and dads everywhere is keeping your family as safe as possible.   The SafeCam makes use of modern technology to help you do just that! ...

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