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You can log into your SafeCam account from your cell phone, laptop or desk top computer to access and share your videos.
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Personal Security is what we do…


SafeCam’s cutting-edge mobile app technology provides personal security, home security, and auto security which is now more affordable than ever, our solutions are cost-conscious, results-driven, and value-oriented.  We  are a leading innovator of Audio/Video Cloud automation systems™ and State-of-the-Art secure hosted Audio/Video surveillance solutions based on the latest streaming and storage technologies.


Our cloud-based security and network provides enhanced real-time secure hosted Audio/Video surveillance solutions with worldwide coverage, SafeCam delivers reliable, high-quality and competitively priced Personal security for you, your family and custom solutions for businesses of all sizes.


We provide a robust, innovative, and affordable security platform that incorporates the latest self-monitoring technology available. In fact, we’re absolutely obsessed with changing the future of security and how it affects us in our everyday lives!

Where does the SafeCam work?

The SafeCam is super versatile and can be used anywhere there’s a wifi signal available worldwide.  The SafeCam also offers an upgrade that works independently of your cell phone and integrates seamlesly with a mobile sim card.

When should you use the SafeCam?

You can use the SafeCam anytime you feel like you may need an extra layer of security to provide audio/video evidence to protect yourself or to provide for authorities, it can also be used for recreational purposes such as jogging, bicycling and even swimming.

How do you use the SafeCam?

The SafeCam is really easy to use you simply connect the SafeCam to your cell phone wifi and you’re all set to start taking photos, Streaming live video and sharing your creatives to your favorite social network with your friends and family.

What can the SafeCam be used for?

The SafeCam can be used in many scenarios, for personal safety whenever you feel threatened or in an uncomfortable situation and events such as weddings, family gatherings, concerts, sharing on social media and much more…

Who can use a SafeCam?

Anyone can use a SafeCam, however, we highly recommend that you use it responsibly for Personal Security or Recreational Purposes.  The SafeCam shouldn’t be used to violate others personal privacy.

Why should you use a SafeCam?

The SafeCam is one of the smallest “Personal Security/Recreational” cameras on the market today.  Its compact design and versatility make it ideal for Personal Security when you need it the most and it’s light weight, rugged compact design make it the perfect partner for recreational activities.