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You can log into your SafeCam account from your cell phone, laptop or desk top computer to access and share your videos.
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The SafeCam
Innovation is Key to your Success...
More family time. A new car. Being debt free. You’re ready to turn your dreams into reality. With your hard work and motivation coupled with our exclusive products, tools, training and support, the potential to grow your business — and live a happier life — is virtually limitless.

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“Timing is Everything” and the SafeCam Opportunity couldn’t come at a more perfect time.  Whenever there is a problem the people who find the solution always become very wealthy.

The Problem is crime and the Solution is the SafeCam!
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We create and host a customized back office for every distributor to market their business, products and grow their team.

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Distributor Benefits
Digital Tools

We provide each Distributor with the online tools needed in your back office to help ensure your success.

Distributors get access to a wealth of digital marketing resources to help you build business as fast as you like.

Online Training

No matter where you live you can always jump on an online training that fits your schedule.

Flexibility is crucial for many of our Distributors, so we provide weekly online and 1on1 training resources.

Order Fulfilment

Our system is designed so never have to worry about stocking and replenishing inventory.

Customers simply order from you online. You focus on building your business and earning leave the shipping and other fulfillment functions to us.

Customer Service

While you’ll always want to maintain your customer relationships, you can focus on building your business.

Our amazing Customer Service team provides exceptional service to your customers by phone or email.

We Provide A Clear Path To Success

As a SafeCam Distributor, you are provided with a roadmap to success outfitted with the support you need. You’ll receive guidance, resources and support, including:

Real Opportunity

The SafeCam offers you a business opportunity like no other you’re helping real people, developing real relationships, and creating real change in the lives of the people you help.

Innovative Company

We’ve taken Personal Security to the extreme The SafeCam let’s you share audio/video in real-time with friends and family, share to social media in real-time and provides GPS coordinates and more.

Training & Support

The SafeCam offers online digital training, in-person training events and mentorship from experienced Distributors. No experience is necessary to begin. You can be a young entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a student — people from all walks of life are experiencing success with The SafeCam.

Product In Demand

Every person you meet is a potential customer in today’s society with crime skyrocketing in every major city everyone could use an extra layer of personal security at some time.

Freedom & Flexibility

You get to choose how much and when you work. You can choose to work your business part-time, full-time. You can work from your desktop, phone or tablet all you need is a wifi connection.

Changing Lives

The SafeCam is all about changing the lives of everyday people we feel that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and all people no matter who you are or where you come from should be treated with dignity, decency and respect, The SafeCam levels the playing field for all people.


The SafeCam App and hardware is designed to help people with real-life problems and offers real-life solutions to deter would be criminals to help people keep their families safe.

Earning Potential

The choice is yours, you can work part-time and supplement your current income, or work full-time and create a significant income potential and lifestyle. Earn commissions, bonuses and more.

National Market

The SafeCam offers a product and a service that is needed throughout the entire modern world, with an opportunity this vast and a business model that is truly designed to help you succeed you can build your business anywhere and market to people all over the world.

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The SafeCam does not guarantee any level of income for any Distributor. The actual income of SafeCam Distributors varies depending on each Distributors personal skills, effort and time commitment.